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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
@the337 - yes, if you follow the instructions I gave and set the sort order on your Kindle to by Title that is exactly what you get. You just need to make sure that your collections by author have a prefix character of some kind which means alphabetically those author collections will sort before the individual book titles. You can configure that character in the Kindle collections plugin configuration - use something like _ or ~ or see the first post of this thread for other options.

The only downside of sorting by Title on the Kindle, is that you don't just see the collections, you see the individual books listed as well. But if you use that trick of a prefix, it means the collections will always be listed at the top which is what you want. If instead on your Kindle you choose sort by Collections, then you will only see your collection names. However the sort order of those collection names will keep changing based on which collection you last opened a book in, which is really annoying (to me at least). It is just one of several frustrating limitations of the Kindle collection management, but them's your choices...
Thank you so much for the clarification. I'll definitely look into the prefix thing. I am definitely annoyed by collections names changing based on the one that's most recently be opened too. I was wondering if there might be a jailbreak or hack that could change that?
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