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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
ixtab's jailbreak decompresses data.tar.gz to /var/local, which is very small, and which can fill up with database and log files. People have had problems with k4nt's locking up after loading too many books onto their kindle, when document indexing increases the index database until /var/local becomes full, which bricks the kindle. Perhaps the touch has a similar problem (just speculating possibilities here) and /var/local was too full for ixtab's jailbreak to complete, so it just keeps relaunching on boot up.

Is your USB drive visible (even for a short time) during startup? If so, another data.tar.gz can be put on it to fix a full /var/local problem, or at least to analyze what the problem is.

See if the USB drive shows up for a few seconds during the boot cycle. You might need to used linux to test this. With ubuntu linux you can check for /media/Kindle, and if found then copy a new (repair version) data.tar.gz to /media/Kindle, like this:

while true;do ls /media/Kindle 2>/dev/null && cp data.tar.gz /media/Kindle && break;done

Copying a new file and restarting worked!!! thanks all.
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