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Well, I experimented further by renaming one of the apk files in the /data/app folder, getjar....apk in particular. I added ".old" to the name, then went back to my launcher and clicked the icon. ERROR!!!!!! Renamed it back, now it works fine, though the icon changed to a generic Android one (I think it will get the correct icon back eventually).

So.... would it work to:
1. copy all files and subfolders in /data/app to /extsdcard (remember, it's been remapped to the 3gb chunk of internal ram)
2. change the vold .. internal file to mount that extsdcard folder with the name /data/app
3. reboot

I am thinking that this would give me 3gigs of internal app space.

So what's wrong with this approach? Why would it not work? If it would, how would I mod my vold file to map the former sdcard to /data/app? Would I need to mod any other file to avoid the original mapping of the /data/app folder?

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