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Originally Posted by jmgazer View Post
Using Mini Tool for SD card (8GB), EE reads the SD with 4GB size partition, but when I use the remainder unallocated for ext2, 3, or 4 the EE says "Damaged SD card". What am I doing wrong? What do I do with the unallocated space?


Now when I make a second partition with ext2 I get "Blank SD Card", and files and folders dissappear. Can see them in windows, and of course not the ext2 partition except in the Mini Tool program.
I got a 16gb card and I am having the same problem. However, swapping the extsdcard and sdcard works fine, providing the card has only one partition, that's where I am right now, with a 16g "sdcard" and a 3g "extcard". Which got me to thinking ....

Since Android allows "mounts" or redirects, I am thinking I could mount that 3gig partition as whatever the Android normally installs programs. That would give me 3gb instead of 300mb of apps space and leave me 16gb for data.

So how can I accomplish this? I know it should be as easy as adding another mount command to the sdcard script, but not sure how to write it.

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