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Originally Posted by jlg432 View Post
There is also the posibility that BBR's mom got a dud unit. My first PDN was the Canadian version which came with Kobo reading app & And 1.5. Pandigital came out with an update that opened up the Android side and allowed acccess to SAM (x) which is a smaller android app store. The big limiting factor was And 1.5. I did not have to do any rooting to access the And O/S.

I was a little pissed that Pandigital did not advertize the And level on their packaging. I tried to obtain the PDN-White (only available in the USA) which I new was And 2.0 and gave you access to the internal SD card reader as well as the Battery. I gave that up when I discovered that it would cost me much more than some of the other tablets available here in Canada.

In the late fall of 2011 I found an advert stating that ExcessCargo was selling the PDN-White (refurb) for $79. I went and purchased one. It had to be exchanged at the store due to a hardware problem but the replacement unit runs very well. No - it's not an iPad or a Galaxy Tab 10.1 but as a small 4:3, 7" colour ereader it is very good. Right out of the box it came with the latest FW from Pandigital which gives access to And 2.0. It comes with Barnes & Noble ereader software which is no good in Canada but I now have a Kindle and Kobo reader app as well as 6 more which pretty well covers any type of e-book format. I swapped out the internal SD-card from a 2 gig to an 8 gig which allows more system storage for apps and data. There is still an external SDHC card slot for further expansion of user files.

Yes it is heavier than the Black PDN (I believe the white PDN has a glass screen under the touch interface). It only sports a 800 mhz processor and will give approx 6-7 hrs of reading time if you use power management strategies. I also have a Coby MID 7015a, a Hero MID 816 8" tablet and a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 w/keyboard but I still prefer my White PDN for reading in bed.


You are so right! Thanks
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