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@kiwidude - thanks for the response. :-)

To be clear, these are things I don't think should be "natively" in the program, as you pointed out, they are too specific to a users preferences and region. Possibly the ability to mark some records not to be over-written while allow others to be updated...

The goodreads metadata source plugin (1.0.9) is awesome, unfortunately, there is so much bad data on goodreads right now (as least as I am concerned - I tend to tweak title's and author names a lot...), and I haven't figured out how to mark a record so that it doesn't get re-messed up after I manually change it, so I have mostly stopped using it for now. (I need to get better at custom fields and search/mark/update custom fields)

I did find out about the plugboard options, but have been unsuccessful in getting it to work with my Kindle Touch (no problem with the "keyboard" kindle my parents have though... suspect it may be an issue similar to the collections?)

I am still trying to figure out the QC plug-in (1.7.0)- which is also very cool. There is a lot of weirdness for me there (granted, probably some/mostly error between the chair and the keyboard)... for instance, the check metadata for author's with comma's doesn't seem to work right when there are multiple authors, for instance, it missed the following entries (which are picked up by a search author=","):
Konrath, J. A. & Henry Perez
c/oAnderson & Dunn, Meghan & Barker, Lydia
Gerrard, Alex & Coleen Maguire
Grogan, Michelle & Michelle Grogan & Kip Ayers
Eason, Jack & Huntman, Gerry & Knowlton, R. A. & Gerry Huntman & R. A. Knowlton
Matthews, Thomas K. & Thomas K Matthews
Stoecklin, Eileen & Eileen Stoecklin
Tsui, Drake & MangaMagazine

(this also points out why the LN, FN vs. FN LN on import doesn't work - I seem to have an inordinate number of books that have author's names recorded both ways...)... and I really wish I could do these changes in the "manage xxx" (e.g. manage author) instead of in the main section... is there a reference for the database structure? Is it normalized such that I could make some python scripts to clean up the author, tag, and series tables directly?

Some of my things could be feature requests to the QC plugin, for instance, if I have a cover.jpg in the directory that doesn't match what is in the epub, I would like that reported, and I would like to be able to step through and choose to either replace the one in the e-pub, replace the one in the folder, do nothing, or do a cover search... or maybe if I can figure out how to add a custom button to the edit metadata screen that let me do this... I suspect this is more a me thing than something useful to most people anyway...

The "report" I get from QC is really more of a "what series have gaps" than the "what is missing in the series" that I am looking for - and I haven't figured out how to output the results of a search to a file for looking at later or importing to a set of scripts that would pull down all of the books in a series and then cross reference them... maybe I could do something that created placeholder book records? (again, I expect there is a good bit of error between the chair and keyboard here).

I am on 0.8.36 and am about to update to 0.8.37, hopefully that will fix some of my issues. :-)

Unfortunately, my ambition seems to be better than my python skills and my desire greater than my time. I am in no rush.

I want to stress how much I appreciate everything you and Kovid (and others) have done to make this program awesome. I hate coming across like what you do isn't good enough... I hope you take my rambling as just the fluid thoughts from someone who probably should be crashing after an all-nighter and long-day of work...

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