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Hello everybody

just got a new Tablet and started experimenting with the Calibre Server and found this page here. It would be pretty cool to get this run to have an everywhere OTA-Access to my library.
I'm running an Apache2 on a Debian system where also ownCloud is installed and accessable, so apache seems to be configurated properly.
I've done the config_local.php and installed smarty and GD.
But whenever i try to access the server, i just get a blank page, even with no page title.
The apache2 error.log says:
PHP Fatal error:
Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Unable to open database: unable to open database file' in /var/www/calibre/db.php:160\nStack
\n#0 /var/www/calibre/db.php(160): SQLite3->__construct('/eBooks/metadat...', 1)
\n#1 /var/www/calibre/db.php(195): MySQLite->open('/eBooks/metadat...')
\n#2 /var/www/calibre/index.php(51): CalDatabase->__construct('/eBooks')
\n#3 {main}\n thrown in /var/www/calibre/db.php on line 160
I thought the Calibre-Directory could not be readable, but it actually is... When i copied it and chowned it fot apache user, nothing changed.

I have no idea how to solve this problem, i hope you can help me...

Thanks for this cool feature anyway, i can't wait getting it run...

maybe the phpinfo can help you to find out if something is missing in my php configuration:
phpinfo.php (only available when server is running, sorry )
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