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Originally Posted by alvareo View Post
Same here, but with JPG
Originally Posted by Hwerrell View Post
I've been looking for something to convert PNGs to Kindle, and this seems great, but whenever I try to convert a directory it says, "TODO: <File description> has stopped working." What am I doing wrong?

This can be avoided if the input/source images are in grayscale.

I use XnView to batch-convert them; or more often a command line tool from xnview team called "nconvert.exe", like this:

nconvert.exe -grey 256 -overwrite *.jpg
This would convert all jpg images to grayscale by overwriting them.
So don't forget to back up your original images first!
(Note: I recommend nconvert only for users already familiar with the command line, or else doing a quick tutorial on command line first, before trying to use it. For the rest of the users I recommend doing it with XnView's batch conversion feature.)

It seems that mangize has a trouble with working on non-grayscale images sometimes. I used to get this very same error; since then, I pre-convert my source images to grayscale before starting to work with mangize, it started working again.

Hope it helps!

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