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The Calibre Library and Dropbox

I have Calibre on several different computers and I keep the Calibre Library folder in my Dropbox so that whenever the Library is updated on one computer it is updated on all of them. I just bought another computer which I will be bringing with me while I am away from home for the next little while.

I installed Calibre on it and I tried to use the Calibre Book Library (that's its name in my Dropbox) as the place where Calibre will read what I have. It refused to accept that location saying that the folder was already full, and created another folder in the dropbox called Calibre Library. If I put all the content of Calibre Book Library into Calibre Library, all is well, but I now am doubling up the limited space I have in Dropbox for the same information.

I cannot seem to force Calibre to accept the Calibre Book Library that is in the Dropbox as the default location.

Any suggestsions about what I can do about this? Thanks very much.
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