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Device: DR1000
Cameron Sino Replacement - 13 hours and 30 minutes continuous use

Battery Replacement:
CameronSino Technology
ItemNo.: CS-IQN600SL
Volts: 3.7 V
Type: Li-Polymer
Capacity: 1500 mAh

Period of use test:
Charging Time – Overnight
Use Start Time - 12:40
Use End Time - 01:10
Total - 12 h. and 30 min.

No warning has been given before the switching off the device, which is what the Irex used to do with the original Varta. Secondly, the screen stayed on the last page although the device itself did not function from that point of time onwards. Obviously the battery still had powers to feed the device, which is why the screen did not go blank. So the Battery itself could have powered the device for some extra time, and it is not completely drained on the hanging event.

I am not sure that this can be adjusted by a hack in the setting of the device, but there is obvious mismatch between how the device behaved with the original Varta.
Although the screen was still showing the last page which was loaded before the hang-up, I could not reset it through the reset switch on the bottom. It needed a recharger to be plugged in before it can start again. I am not complaining though, I have got nearly 13 hours of continuous use and even with the annoying hang-up on the end, the device is much more useful than with a nearly dead Varta on board.
Thanks for the tips on replacing the battery Guys.

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