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How do you download MSN Messenger and Skype if you don't have an android phone number ????



Originally Posted by pablob View Post
Hi Everyone!

UPDATE: I left the link to the RC3 only, since that's the best version. You can also download the files from, thanks to MasterTec.

The ZIP file has the update file and instructions. Unzip it first, and read the instructions!

Also, any library backup done before the update (unless you had a working Allmine installation) won't work! I recommend to move the library to the SD card before the upgrade as the best way to keep it.

I've left the rest of the post for historical reasons. :-)


I finally had the chance to finish the Golden Allmine update (no add-ons yet), so here it is. I have tried it in my PE, and the Market seems to work.
Remember, don't install this on a full-size eDGe!!

IMPORTANT: You need the same file that is used to install the regular Allmine in together with the file (check the Allmine thread for links).

There are a couple of things to be mindful of:
  • When I installed it, for some reason the Setup Wizard "force-closed" on me. I was able to continue by playing with the buttons and then it seemed to work. I don't see why that would happen, but that will probably need testing by other people.
  • This update, as a golden one, will erase EVERYTHING in the internal storage (apps, settings, library).
  • There might be issues with the library after installation. I think that problems will happen only if you have your library in the SD card, and haven't installed Allmine before installing this update. But there could be other issues...

Once this gets a good test and we get it to be safe, I will get to making a "pimped out " Allmine update with the suggestions from the "ROM Wishlist" thread.

Have fun!

--- 08/Dec/2011

New version, rc2!

This one has better library handling (it will recognize if there is a library in the SD card and configure the PE to use it directly). I have tried it from MicroSD (USB install is not guaranteed) and I could install the system and use the Market (without resorting to TiBackup or anything else) to install apps.

The text file included in the ZIP file has the instructions for installation.

This one looks quite good on my PE, I hope it works for everybody!

--- 15/Dec/2011

New (and possibly final) version!

This one should fix the cases where the Market still does not work after installation.
If your Market worked with the previous version, you should not need to upgrade to this one.

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