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Kindle Not Recognizing My Homemade Table of Contents

I have created an e-book (a rather elaborate one). It had about 300+ footnotes and links to each of them throughout the body of the text. In addition, the book has two tables of contents - one which is a guide to the main book, the other which is a guide to the different footnotes. As I said, it's a complicated e-book.

Anyway, I am basically finished formatting and creating hyperlinks. The book is all but finished. My only problem is, Calibre's automatic table of contents creator generates a very screwed up table of contents (because of all the crazy links as I mentioned above). As such, I disabled its automatic table of contents creation. As a result, however, when I test the book in my Kindle, it comes up with no recognized Table of Contents. The TOC which I created is there, of course, but if you click "Menu", "Go To", the "Table of Contents" button is greyed out and not an option.

So my question is, is there a line of code which I can insert so that the Kindle will mark off a particular body of text as being the Table of Contents?

Anybody who can answer this for me will be my new best friend.
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