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Give me some time - atm I'm busy to receive emails ) - on my notebook so far itworks pretty cool, even with attachements (pdf, images), now I hope I can step over to the iLiad .

the sending part is not working now, due to a complete rewrite to implement receiving and make the whole package with a more wholistic approach and not as the first release, which was a merely prove of concept that it is possible at all.

I cannot promise to release it tonight (in Germany it is 20:40), but I'll have a long weekend so I'm looking forward to getting this done in a few days - at least I hope so.

I'm still thinking about some general design issues (cf.
I want this as slim as possible, since space is rare on the iLiad and flash-memory is energy-consuming ... a vicious circle . So there won't be a GUI. And outgoing emails will be controled by manifest-tags or filenames ...

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