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Yup - I tried bold font, but it doesn't look easy on the eyes.

As I say, later on I'll try upgrading to a new version of fbreader for 360+ on the thing, but I'm not confident this will fix it, because of what I'm seeing with different settings already.

The built-in fbreader's pop-up (the 3x3 grid) for configuration seems to not respect the 360's 'system font' selection, so it's a bit hard to read.

Within fbreader on the 360+ itself I'm using PT Serif Regular 28pt - and it looks really really good. This is with the same configuration (fonts set to 'emboldened' or 'good quality' rather than 'Not antialiased' , and choosing render quality above speed) as when the Genium looks whacky.

kacir - it's reassuring (I'm not crazy) that you've seen the same thing .. but a bit disappointing that it may be an endemic problem.

It's a shame, because the 360+ feels way more responsive, of course, than my 360 - but AFAIK the only differences were more RAM and a faster CPU. Screen resolution and software, I expected to be identical. Oh well.

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