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Sorry to raise this thread again. But I am trying do to exactly what is described below. I understand it and I have created the groups I need.

What I am puzzled with on, is how to get the Google Group to forward to a email address because again it requires for an email to be sent to that account and authenticated. Which of course the Kindle won't receive to do so. So it is back to square one and the same issue with just forwarding from a Gmail account.

With more and more families with multiple Kindles a feature in Calibre to allow for two email addresses getting varied newsfeeds is getting more of a killer feature. I hope this will be looked at again in the future.

Originally Posted by wilderf3353 View Post
I got it to work by doing the following (it is a twisted trail...):

- I configured Calibre to use my GMail account for email as a mail server

- Under "Sharing books by email" in Calibre, I added my GMail Email with "auto send" turned on

- All news in Calibre is scheduled for automatic download

- I create a new free private Google group called Franks_Kindle and configured my Kindle to allow emails from the new Group (via, "Your Kindle Approved E-mail List").

- I create a new free private Google group called Marys_Kindle and configured my wife's Kindle to allow emails from the new Group.

- I added a new forwarding address on my GMail account that goes to both groups. Google sent the confirmation code to the groups and I was able to validate the forwarding addresses in GMail. (If only I could do this via my kindle's email address...)

I then created a series of filters in GMail to automatically forward Calibre News emails to the proper groups. If both of us are interested in a news feed, it goes to both groups. If only one of us is interested in a news feed, it goes to only that person's Google group.

As an example:
- Matches:
- from
- subject:LifeHacker
- Do this: Forward to Franks_Kindle , Delete it

Does this make sense?
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