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360 .v. 360 Genium font interpretation


I've had my 360 for a year or so now, and recently bought my other half a 360+.

After seeing lots of recommendations on this forum for Genium fonts I gave them a go - just copying from my Debian GNU/Linux box straight into the device - and now use that font exclusively for epub and mobi.

I tried the same thing on the 360+, and it looks really ugly. Photo attached.

I've fiddled with 'best' .v. 'fastest' render, turned up all quality settings to the same, font size is identical (28pt), margin set to medium, line space to 90, and so on. Hypehation on and off on the 360+, and so on.

I bumped up my 360's fbreader to the latest version, and it works just as well as it did with the vanilla reader I've been using for a year.

I haven't yet bumped up the 360+'s reader version - just configured the extensions.cfg to use fbreader over whatever ugly 'we're too cool to have a settings button' viewer it uses by default.

Is this a known problem? Anything really obvious (short of going to fbreader 180 0.11.3, which I'll do soon) that I'm missing?
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