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I purchased a Slick e701 this week from and received it yesterday and observed the following when using the reader.

The reader has many good features, however I am having some major issues with its performance.

The most troublesome issue is that the reader is having problems reading any SD card that is inserted into its SD card slot. To start off, I have another ereader purchased from Borders before it closed called the Aluratek Libre Pro, a 5" LCD reader that like the Slick has its DRM from Borders/Kobo and also reads TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF, and EPUb files, and JPG, GIF files (see the website for more details). What I did is copy some of the books on an SD card from the Libre and put the SD card onto the Slick (with the Slick turned off), then turned on the Slick, the reader attempted to load the SD files, and they appeared on the screen. But when trying to ccess the files by using the Slick's menu buttons, the Slick froze for a second, turned off then on, tried to access the books on the SD card, but then again turned on and off, so I cannot change pages when using th SD card. the same thing occurred when I used four other SD cards of 4MB, 8MB, and 16MB from Sandisk and PNY which had books, files, music, and photos, with the Epub, PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, JPG, GIF file formats. All of these cards work perfectly on the Libre, and when no card is in the Slick's reader the reader is fine with the 5 classic books that were pre installed at the factory. Any solutions?
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