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Originally Posted by kuklachica View Post
Thank you for the response. Same thing here - old, defective and defunct Kindles are showing up on my "collections" import page, but they are not on my registered list. Some have even been sold to other people, and yet I still see the collections I made on those old ones listed. I have a Mac - can I do collections on the Mac program as can be done with the PC program?
If you mean create collections in the Kindle app and then copy those collections over to your Kindle, then yes. I've done this successfully with my macbook and KT. Go to Archived Items > Menu > Import Collections on your Kindle, and choose your mac. Or am I misunderstanding the question?

I'm with you on wanting to replace the Touch, though. Mine was a gift and, as much as I do love it, I hate not being able to manage my collections with Calibre. Had I purchased it myself, I'd likely have returned it by now and bought another Sony. I'm holding out the hope that some brilliant person will figure out how to use the Kindle Collections plugin with the KT. *crosses fingers*
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