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Well, it seems like there is an updated version with a few good improvements:


Free ePub Reader. Release: 17 January 2012

If you have AZARDI 7 or 8 installed, AZARDI 8.1 will be updated next time you open AZARDI.

The interactive demo book EPUB3 UNLEASHED can be downloaded from Resources. See what ePub3 can do.

This January 2012 AZARDI 8.1 release is a bug-fix and minor feature update.

If you still have AZARDI 6 you will have to uninstall before installing AZARDI 8.1. Click here to go to the version update instructions.

This release has new features and bug fixes and moves forward improved ePub3 conformance issues.

New Reader Features in AZARDI 8.1

AZARDI Special Features

This version is the first version to incorporate automated updates.

AZARDI 8.1 works on all desktops Firefox works on: Linux, Macintosh and Windows.

The AZARDI User Guide is available in ePub3 format on the resources page along with other ePub3 resources.
AZARDI - Main Features

Supports ePub 3, ePub 2 and the secure AZD format
Fully HTML5 and CSS3 capable
Native MathML built-in
SVG built-in.
Browser Typography
Page and flow modes
Fixed layout capable
Multiple simultaneous readers can be open, even on the same book.
Secure Online links
Built-in AZARDI Interactive Engine
Runs on Linux, Macintosh and Windows

New ePub3 Features in AZARDI 8.1

Landmarks. If your ePub 3 uses landmarks these can be displayed with the new Landmarks button.

Page Nav. If your ePub 3 uses page navigation this can be displayed with the new Landmarks button and select the Page Navigation option.
New General Features in AZARDI 8.1

Drag and Drop ePub Upload. You can now drag and drop multiple ePubs into AZARDI in a single action.
Library Table View. Presentation improved and it now has Date Added. All columns sort and can be turned on and off. Table now has alternate row shading in all operating systems.
Page Navigation. You can now navigate pages with Left-Right arrows and PgUp / PgDn keyboard buttons
Section Navigation. You can now navigate document sections with Shift-Left Arrow, Shift-Right-Arrow, and Shift-PgUp and Shift-PgDn buttons.
XUL-Runner Version. The framework is now aligned with all the features of Mozilla Firefox 8.
Image Viewer. You can now click on any image and it will open in a new window. You can zoom the image using the mouse center scroll key, and click and drag the image around in the viewport.
Covers. If cover images are available in an ePub3 they can be viewed from a fixed link in the Tables of Content.
Multi-language Hyphenation. If your ePub is correctly declaring the language in the XHTML file, language specific hyphenation will be applied if CSS -moz-hyphens: auto; is applied.
AZARDI Interactive Engine. Now supports QAA-Set, Flashcards, Interactive Tutorials and other numerous bug-fixes and improvements.
Bug-fixes. Numerous bug-fixes and clean-ups. RTL content now displays aligned correctly in Contents.

AZARDI Special Features

MathML can be directly inserted into pages. Read the User Guide ePub to get information on fonts.
SVG. Including SVG animation using SMIL is supported, although we haven't experimented with this yet.
Browser typography. OTF properties and hyphenation are supported with the -moz CSS properties. The hyphenation feature uses Mozilla CSS hyphenation.
Page/Flow. Reading mode can be set to page or flow depending on the type of content. AZARDI tries to maintain the page position while changing modes.
Fixed layout capable. Pages can be set up with width and height and edge-to-edge. (See User Guide and demonstration books).
Multiple Readers. You can have multiple readers open at the same time even with the same book. Notes can be made between readers and will reflect in each other.
Internet Extension Viewport. External links resolve to a protected viewport rather than open a general browser.
AZARDI Interactive Engine. AZARDI includes an interactive engine for learning and training. This is proprietary and included for general capability demonstration.
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