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Pagination issues going from LaTeX->html->epub

I'm using tex4ht to compile LaTeX documents as html, then using Calibre to convert to epub and mobi. I have two pagination issues with both conversions, one big issue and one small.

The big issue is that the ebook documents seem to have (1) hard page breaks at the end of sections and (2) the text in the section, often many pages, doesn't reflow or paginate in the reader. That is, I can see the first page of a section, but when I turn to the next page my Nook Touch reader jumps to the next section, many pages away. The page indicator at the bottom of my Nook screen jumps many pages also. So I can see the first page of a section, but that's all.

In the Calibre reader all the text is there and pagination seems to work correctly. In other PC readers (e.g., EPUBReader for Firefox) I have the same pagination problem as on my Nook, although I can use arrow key to scroll down and see the text in a section.

As I said, my html is generated by tex4ht, so I'm wondering if that's part of the problem. This is first time I've converted to ebook formats though, so maybe there's something else I'm doing wrong.

I'm doing this with 20+ documents and I think they all have the same issues. Sample html and epub files are here:

The second, more minor, issue is that the conversion seems to be putting hard page breaks immediately _after_ my section heads, so section heads end up being the only thing on a page.

Thanks for any help,

Herb Sitz
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