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dLetter - email-sending client

Hey folks - made my very first iLiad-Application so far.

it is a cute little email-client I called dLetter (*look* a big 'L' as 2nd letter - ).

It has no GUI, but uses some features of the iLiad content manager to show and sort received emails, as well as sending them.

Attachements are suported in both directions, though there might be some issues I'm not aware off, since I did not test any case of trouble I could imagine.

look here for the posts on my blog (german):
dLetter - 1st post
dLetter - 2nd post
dLetter - 3rd post (latest version)

and here the direct link to the latest tarball: 
Further information in the dLetter-Manual.pdf in the dLetter - folder.

Testing is needed and Feedback is appreciated.
(EDIT! :0.4.9a had a little bug, now repaired, if you you cannot send or receive, please redowload and replace the complete dLetter or dLetter/send+receive/ only to keep your settings.)


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