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I can confirm the cover overall is well thourght out (see for example the magnetized button which never comes loose and it's easy to attach, and the pleasant sensation when holding it) BUT ther is one flaw: the Wacom pen holding system. It is composed of a pocket (where you slid the point in) and an elastic strip (which secures the higher part of the pen, the holding area so to speak). Well this thiny elastic strip in my cover is already broken, it seems it has detached from the cover's "frame". Again, as the defective pixels story nothing really worrying which prevents the normal usage of the device, but a sign of very poor quality control. See the attacched picture.

Personally I think the only foolproof system is inserting the pen in the device's body itself, cause the pen could be easily lost if also the pocket comes loose (and it's not that unlikely, it doesn't seem overly strong). It is a pity Onyx didn't think about it, I assumed any serious device would use that solution, it is simply stupid to have to carry the pen separately since with a touchscreen you use it always anyway....

I have sent a mail to and I am confident they will try to help me as they've done with other customers, but I must say that the quality control at the Onyx plant must be quite poor since so many problems are arising...
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