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Unhappy Kobo UI (ToC, Notes, etc.) doesn't appear on EPubs without some coaxing

Hi all!

When I'm using self-loaded EPubs, I have a bit of a struggle accessing the UI for features like the table of contents and annotation list.

For example, I'll use the in-book menu to try to open the ToC, and everything looks/works fine up to the point where I'd expect the ToC to appear on the screen; it just doesn't happen. But I also can't coninue reading as normal. If I tap near the bottom, the ToC will then appear as I expected it to earlier. If I tap somewhere near the middle, the ToC becomes visible but also activates the hotspot for whichever heading was listed in the ToC at the tapped location. If I happen to tap where the ToC page arrows would be, the ToC becomes visible and then turns the page. It's as if the Kobo has loaded everything for the ToC GUI but without doing the actual screen change. Once the UIs are visible, they work as expected.

This also happens when trying to load the annotations list, advanced settings, search-in-book, definition, translate, and any awards that pop up while reading. (This list isn't necessarily complete.)

However, if text is selected, Definition works fine (Translation and Search still don't). The page/chapter slider and text formatting also look/work as expected (in all situations).

Other notes:
- none of this happens with books from the Kobo store
- I have tested this on EPubs from at least 4 sources (including some home-rolled ones) both with and without Calibre processing
- I'm using the most recent firmware (as of writing this)
- I've been having no other issues with my reader otherwise and am very happy with it

Thanks for your time.
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