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Installed it successfully on my Kindle non-touch!
Wasn't that much of a hassle, except having to leave precious linux and use windows to install (strictly followed the tutorial )
I just tried it for a couple of minutes, but i have to admit:
It's really, really, really great for reading pdf (did I emphasize that enough?) in comparison to the stock pdf-reader.
First, the Smart Layout option (for pdfs without many tables or graphics) - and the pdf looks instantly like one I converted before in a kindle-friendly format.
The other options, though still in chinese, are even better when it comes to more complex pdfs (like auto-crop of margins or even manually defining them).
Now I can finally read pdf lectures from university on my kindle, albeit in landscape mode.
Mobi and epub did work without problems, as far as I could see.
Still, there were some crashes, some chinese here and there and of course button assignments for any menu and option possible, that obviously isn't needed in the non-touch version anymore.
But given that it is the first non-touch version, I'm really impressed.

Sorry, that this was more of a review than an install experience, but I didn't expect that much when I installed it.
Maybe this post was helpful for those who are still unsure to try it

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