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Originally Posted by pokee View Post
Yeah, I am sure we're going to see more than these two this year. The Vox is already obsolete, really - but so was my phone when I signed my 3 year contract with the cell provider. Thankfully, both my Vox and my phone do what I want them to do, so I won't be in a hurry to get rid of either of them!
I feel the same way. I purchased the Samsung Galaxy SII one 3 year contract and one month later the nexus was out.

I was contemplating buying a Kobo Touch and then the Vox came out. As with anything new technology very quickly becomes yesterday's news. You just need to select what you think is going to best suit your needs and try to not to get distracted by the new shinny things that will come out a week down the road.

I love my Vox for what it does. Sure it would be nice if it were a little faster but for the price it was when I purchased it I am happy with the purchase. For if I did believe I needed something faster it would inevitably come with a higher price tag.
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