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AZW4 to MOBI. Completely new to this.

Alright so I've successfully removed the DRM from my book and have now tried to convert it to a mobi file so that I can view it thru my Kindle app on my galaxy tab. No matter what settings I tweek it always ends in the same conversion.

I started trying to put it as an epub file. Would rather it be in mobi.
Either way. It ends up about 1500 pages with very short width and large font. With a large amount of unnecessary indents and new lines within the index and new chapters. I figured it would be an easy conversation since they're both for kindle products but im completely lost now.

I'm not sure what sort of information you'll need to help but i'll do what I can. Any sort of walk thru or help to get this to a more comfortable view would be great.
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