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Importing Collections - Only original collections??

I have had several Kindles - older versions and also some replacements due to defects. I now have a Touch. I had organized all of my books into categories several devices ago and since have tweaked the collection names, added some, etc. However, when I go to import collections to my new Kindle, I am only given the option of importing collections from the device they were ORIGINALLY created on. Thus, any tweaking I have done in the past year is completely lost. I can only download my first basic and flawed versions of the collections from a year ago. I will have to rename and re-tweak all of the collections again. And I will have to do this for any device in the future should I decide to change anything around. I'm not even sure what the point of the "Import Collection" feature is if the latest version of the collections can't be downloaded???

Is there any way around this? Another program? Something I am missing? I don't want to have to spend a whole bunch of time AGAIN to re-do collections all over again!!!

Thank you!!
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