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Thanks Sharkus, I will check out the latest versions of the apps and keep you posted. And I'm honoured to have a stickied thread!

Two more things:

- From what I understand, in iOS5, apps can access a system-wide brightness feature (like being able to go to settings/brightness without leaving the app). However, the Kobo app still seems to merely darken the page and text when you reduce the brightness (to see what I mean, check out how the dimming looks in iBooks as opposed to Kobo.) It would be nice for the brightness to take advantage of this, and would solve the problem I mentioned in my first post about the clock bar being too bright in night reading mode.

- Again in terms of syncing, not sure how feasible this is, but it would be great if side-loaded books could sync between devices. I'm thinking specifically of public domain epubs downloaded from Project Gutenberg. For what it's worth, iBooks does this handily (but of course that doesn't help with reading on my Kobo Touch.)

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