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Originally Posted by vtex View Post
Glad to be of assistance. Now run "passwd" and change it to something you will remember.
First thing I did after successfully logging in

Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
I recommend logging in as framework:mario and saving the contents of /etc/shadow to a file on a host pc (using copy/paste) and using john the ripper to crack the root password. If it is a fionaXXX or fionaXXXX password, you can do that instantly with the wordlist provided in another thread.

You might try removing the last hex digit from your fionaXXXX password. On all of my kindles DX, DXG, and 3 different K3's, all of them used 3 hex digits.
That would have been my next step, the only setback was finding the right wordlist, because it's a bit diffcult to find my way around in this forum
Besides, I was more curious why the 'actual' password didn't work..
Now I know and everything is good
Thanks anyway
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