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Originally Posted by jdsolor View Post
i have a question. Is not posible to add some on-screen button to fast foward? That because i donīt want to lose the option to turn the pages.
I really need a method to reduce the flashing of the sreen, even tough is only for one app (i want to use a feed reader whitout the flashing when i scroll the page)
This would also be a possibility, but needs some work though; however quality for reading is less, but it's enough for navigation...

It would be nice that when the hardware button is pressed, the normal event is fired, but if it isn't handled, another event is fired (for example the space button, of whatever button is mentioned in the older posts)...
=> however, I don't know if that would be possible (to check if an event is handled by the application; maybe the system "handles" it itself )
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