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Originally Posted by xorphex View Post
I tried getting SSH via WIFI to work, but I'm stuck...
I used Belkaar's tutorial in the other thread (
That implies of course that I was able to connect via SSH in DIAG-Mode/USBnet (using linux).
Root-password was 'mario', though I'm on 4.0.1 and the python-script gave me 'fiona1def' as password.
Now, when I try to connect via WIFI (in normal-mode) 'mario' doesn't work. Neither does 'fiona1def'. I can, however, connect with username 'framework' and password 'mario', but without root-privileges...

Is there any configurationfile that differentiates between SSH via WIFI and USBnet? Or did I overlook anything?
The password depends on the mounted root filesystem. If you are in the "DIAG-Mode" the default pw will be "mario". If you are in normal mode, the root pw will be the output of the python script. You can also use this script. Don't be worried about using it, it's all calculated in javascript locally (use firebug if you don't believe me).

If you can get a login prompt in normal mode through wi-fi, then likely the issue is your password. Make sure you aren't using dashes or spaces in the script you are using to obtain it.
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