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Kobo Vox not connecting to wifi

Hi everyone,

I got my second Vox (the first one was returned because it had no sound), and I haven't done much with it yet because the wifi isn't working properly. I can connect to wifi only once in awhile. The other times (like all day today) it won't connect eventhough the signal is excellent.

I've tried turning the wifi off and on, but when I try to connect, it makes it to 'scanning, connecting' and then it disconnects; or sometimes it makes it to 'scanning, connecting, obtaining ip address' but then disconnects. I checked 'advanced settings' while this is happening, and under IP Address it says 'unavailable'. When this happens, under Wi-Fi Networks, it also shows my network as 'Disabled'. My SSID is WPA2.

BTW, I know my IP Address is available because my laptop is connected to wifi just fine.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you.
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