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Kobo iOS apps future version request thread

This is a thread for requests and comments regarding what we would like to see in future versions of the Kobo iPhone and iPad apps

Most of my comments below relate to the iPad app rather than the iPhone app.

- The font size selector is too fidgety. Rather than having a slider to select between font sizes, there should be two buttons, up or down. Or, you could have a slider with buttons on either side, like on the Touch.

- More fonts, and more granularity in the font sizes, would be most welcome.

- I would like to see an option to delete the spacing between paragraphs.

- Page turns are a little slow and choppy on the iPad 1. This is not a problem on the iPad 2.

- The bar at the bottom that shows your progress throughout the chapter and the book is hard to understand and makes it hard to navigate between chapters. I would like to see it scrapped and replaced with a number that shows you the number of pages left in the book and/or chapter, along with perhaps something like the "black bar" in the Touch that shows your progress through the whole book showing notches for each chapter.

- Hyphenation on the iPhone app please! On such a small screen, the word spacing can get really messed up without hyphenation, especially if you read justified text.

- Would like the option to pinch and zoom pictures in books.

- A two-page landscape mode would be nice on the iPad app, like in iBooks.

- In night reading mode, the top bar (the system bar, with the clock and battery meter) should either disappear, or dim along with the rest of the text. In fact, it would be nice to have this bar removed entirely while reading in any mode.

- Syncing, syncing, syncing! Kobo has been promising that syncing works fine for countless months but I can tell you, page syncing between the iPad, iPhone, and Touch is still extremely unreliable.

Phew, I think that's it for now! I hope someone from Kobo is reading this. Anyone else have any comments?
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