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Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post
Assuming I am not unique, my two reasons for avoiding rooting so far are:
  • Lack of previous experience in the 'app world'. I don't have a smart phone or a tablet so confidence in using a new environment is low.
  • Although I can see that it can be fun to push the boundaries with a new toy, I have not seen a 'killer' reading app which makes it worth the risk of stepping out of the comfort zone. Now if someone were to offer the Sony PRSPlus bells & whistles as an app, I'd root in a flash (no pun intended ).

Good luck! I don't know whether you already read one of the other threads, but if you manually add a statement (credit to snarkophilus)
@import url(res:///ebook/fonts/../../mnt/sdcard/css/my.css);
to the top of the css file in an epub then the T1 will use everything in the int.mem user-accessible file [intmem:]/css/my.css (which can contain all the @font-faces and any other custom css) when displaying the epub. If you get the contents of your custom css file correct it won't interfere with the standard (or your fixed) select-a-font feature. The drawback is that, so far, the only way to edit each epub is manually. If this @import could be part of the Sony reader app generated css, this may be a way forward. Then all that is needed is another app on the T1 which will display a list of css files in directory [intmem:]/css and when one is selected copy it to /css/my.css -- instant custom font change. It does work, I've been using it. It's a bit like the way the PRSPlus custom firmware works on the earlier Sonys.
Alright, in that case i guess a package that just replaces the reader application (or installs another besides the original, but without the rest of the root) might be a good thing. I'll make a package and do some testing to make sure it doesn't break anything

Yes, I've seen that it's possible to access fonts outside the internal fonts folder. What I'm working on is intercepting the calls to the methods that generate the CSS and the font selector and replacing the fonts with ones specified in a settings file on the internal storage. I'm about half-way there.

Originally Posted by Rand Brittain View Post
So, seriously? This fixes the reader italics bug?


EDIT: Also I fear it crashed shortly after I started fiddling with it, so it might not be there quite yet.
It was more like 24 lines of smali assembly, to be honest, but they look like they were generated from one or two lines of Java. I guess maybe they never realized small-caps was causing trouble?

I've never been able to make it crash, I'm afraid. Does it happen every time, or when you do something in particular? If possible, it would be great if you could post the log around the time of the crash (`adb logcat` if you have adb installed and configured, or `logcat > /mnt/sdcard/log.txt` in a terminal on the device).
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