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Originally Posted by Booxtor View Post

What about when you discover something wrong with your device just to contact your shop and explain the problem?
The warranty works, believe me We are really exerted to help every single of our customer.
Currently we have 4 reported minor problems with M92 of 100 sold devices. Two devices was already replaced. Two are waiting for new bulk that will be dispatched tomorrow.
I have contacted Onyx and they have promised to improve the quality control.
PS. In the very first bulk of PocketBook we had to replace 15 of 100! Now there are almost no problems.
Sorry Boxtoor didn't mean to talk badly about the product whithout reaching to you, but I see you're very active on this forum so for the time being I was just exchanging info & views there. I will write an e-mail through your shop.

BTW, I do agree that the effective number of defective devices could be far higher, indeed this is not "really" a problem since I would have not noticed anything if I had not read the topic, and I'm sure many Onyx buyers do not read this forum, let alone the few who write there!
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