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Calibre Content Server questions

1. When I connect the Fire to the Calibre content server, I can see the books in my Calibre library, but cannot download any of them. Mostly they are .mobi format, and no security involved -- the message I get on the Fire is "download unsuccessful" and no other information as to why. Is there a setting in the Fire I need to change, or is it something I could have in my Calibre setup that could cause this problem? I can connect my Fire via USB and send to device just fine and the books are readable and the covers are there.

2. My home computer where my Calibre Library is is on a router. From other computers on that same router, I can access my Library via the content server and download just fine. I would like my sister to be able to access my Calibre Library from outside my "linksys family". Would she enter "" just like I do from within my household? That IP addr seems to be pretty local to me. If not, where do I get an IP address to give her?
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