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Originally Posted by rupor View Post
Morkl, great!

So far I've been concentrating on Content Manager - making sure that there is a complete FB2 support. I also touched Home Page - but only slightly. Your work definitely covers it

FB2 support is pretty much done now, starting with build 3.0.55-7 CoolReader properly supports the device (last reading time and standby screen) and porkupan is looking at FB2Reader.

I was going to continue with Content Manager - expanding the way collections are working. Something along the way of collection manager for previous Sony readers - only inside the device. Main idea is to have a set of "automatic" collections (in addition to manually created ones) with collection names derived from the names of directories where books are located. This has been working great for years on old Sony devices and allows one to forgo Calibre or Reader PC in almost all of the cases. In order to properly support this I will have to touch EbookSetting a bit - expanding set of available settings.

By no means I am planning to produce anything which is not compatible with the way current software works, so (at least in theory) we would be fully compatible

Are you planning to publish your code somewhere or you prefer to keep it closed?

Almost forgot to ask: what's wrong with fonts in the stock reader?
Sounds great! Folder baser collections would be a great improvement.

I don't mind publishing my code at all. A revision control system might be nice, to keep track of the changes in the smali code. I'm wondering about the legal bits with publishing Sony's code though. I see no real problems posting an APK since you have to buy a PRS-T1 to use it anyway, but posting the disassembled code listings is kind of moving into a grey zone. Thoughts on this?

Lastly, as soseono writes, some people want to be able to use custom fonts. Also: italics/bold doesn't work with the internal font selector.

Originally Posted by Redjack443 View Post
The startup thing only happens if I set the modified homescreen to default and then restart. If I clear the defaults and choose one on boot, it doesn't happen. Maybe it tries to read /sdcard before it's mounted?
I'm thinking the same; I guess reloading the configuration when /sdcard is mounted might be a good idea.

Originally Posted by soseono View Post
Can't wait!!!

I'm thinking this:

I'm happy with the Sony default reader app except that I can't change the font to something else while retaining the bold/italics formatting... and if I can define a custom font other than the built-in selections, and change line-height as well (some fonts look better with different line-height settings), it'd be awesome.
I found the bits that break bold/italics (basically the small-caps @font-face definitions break things, I posted about it in the thread you linked).
Here is a EbookReader.apk with the small-caps rows removed: (installs like a regular app)
I tried it with a sample book with bold, italics and bold+italics and it all seemed to work.
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