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Thanks for the comments and clarification..... and I see someone has made the first address I was given (911 N.Industrial Park Avenue) Barnes and Noble related when its being googled (bbb).

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on my return (how long it takes, etc). It's actually quite scary making a return for something like this without it being able to be tracked on their the website, I definitely would like to know that they received it and my return is being processed.

That's why being able to return it in a Barnes and Noble would be better. For example I purchased clothing from ZARA online, they took the return instore processed everything but then they said that I would get an email from ZARA confirming the return and crediting it back to my account. And a few minutes after leaving the store I got the confirmation email, and a few hours later I got another email stating that I had been refunded the amount. It was quite efficient.

And so to me it only makes sense to be able to return a Nook bought through paypal to an actual Barnes and Noble store -OR- there should be some type of prepaid tracking return label that I can print from Barnes and Nobles website or that I'm sent, and depending on the return reason the label should be free -or- no more than $3 should be deducted from our return amount (since items like Nooks can be mailed for $3 if sent snail mail or $4.25 if sent priority mail) if sending it back just b/c. Or they could be like the retailers known for great customer service and have all mailed back returns free (like Nordstrom, Zappos, etc shoot even Walmart).
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