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Deleting stuck InDesign colors with epub zip

Originally Posted by danrodney View Post
Just out of curiosity, what will you do to the script? For stuck colors I simply export a .idml and re-open it. Then I can delete the stuck colors in InDesign. I'm not sure why a script would be needed.

But feel free to edit the script. There's already a credit comment at the top. Just add a new comment saying you made xxx edits.
Thanks! Just exporting/opening idml doesn't always work, only about 1/2 the time for us. Making a frame with bad color fill, exporting page as PDF, importing that pdf, then deleting it works more often but not always.

Now with ePub unzip/zip I can change the "removable false" attribute of the color in the graphics xml file to "true", rezip and that works so far every time.

My script will be for my 40 users workgroup and other designers and art directors who are not comfortable editing and stuffing epubs and xml (what's all this scary code??)

We use spot colors extensively in InDesign bad swatches get replicated as docs are copied and re-purposed constantly. So now we have hundreds of current docs with stuck unused color swatches -- and soon an easy way to fix them without asking me to edit xml.

The user will find a bad color, run script choosing color in pop-up, go get a latte and return with a milk mustache to find the color long gone in the "same" doc and the working files cleaned.

I'll also make it find the unused but locked colors itself and fix batches. I don't see a swatch's "locked" info in ID's Applescript properties, but it can be found in the unzipped idml files, cool.

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