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Pocketbook 611 vs Pocketbook Pro 912

I'm interested in ebook readers with a large screensize for reading manuals, datasheets, scientific papers and do not intend to zoom but to display a page fullscreen (cropped borders optional). Therefore the devices from pocketbook look ideal, however i have two questions:

a) Pageturn speed: From viewing youtube videos of the 912 device i'm a bit worried, that the page turn speed is pretty slow. On the other hand i could perform a real life test with the Pocketbook 611 in the local media markt. This device was pretty quick in terms of response to pageturn and buttons, means i was impressed.
The question is: Is the 611 quicker here because of the cpu clock of 800 MHz instead of the 912's 533 MHz, or is this due to the smaller screen size, or a firmware issue since there is a RC6 firmware for the 912 which increases the page turn speed? Is the 912 as fast with this firmware version?
Additionally the inverting of the panel looks a bit distracting looking at the 912 youtube videos and even total distracting on the M92. Does one get used to the inverting of the screen or are there options to modify the inverting behaviour? I observerd, that with the 611 the inverting appears to happen only every 3rd pageturn.

b) Firmware related, Cropping of Pageborders: A youtube comparison of the 912 with the Onyx boox M92 showed that with the M92 the user was able to rectangular select the desired region of the display to zoom (or crop the borders). This is a feature that Pocketbook has not implemented yet, as far as im aware of. Is this feature on the todo list of the PB programmers or is there an estimated time when this feature will be on the pocket book aswell?

c) Not so serious: Are there upcoming new PB 9.7" e-Ink devices ? Soon? =)

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