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Originally Posted by pholy View Post
Ah, but you could use KindleGen, which is available for the Mac, pdurrant has created some useful AppleScripts for use with KindleGen. You can find them here bt searching.
I have tried using Kindlegen as well, it retains the underline on the links just like Calibre (unless I am missing something).

I reviewed the documentation on the Mobipocket file format, and apparently <mbp:nu> is supposed to remove underlines, independent of what program is used to generate the MOBI file--it is a file spec, after all. But no dice.

Once again, I am interested if anyone has managed to use <mbp:nu> or any other technique to accomplish underline removal on hyperlinks, and I would be very interested in sample code.

Also, if any random good soul happens to have a Kindle 1 and would be able to test the zero-width space method on their Kindle 1, I would appreciate it. I have access to Kindle 2, 3, Touch and Fire, but no Kindle 1...even the conversion company I'm using doesn't have one. I suppose it's not that big a deal since the first iteration doesn't exactly have the preponderance of possession percentage, but it doesn't pain me to be prepared. (Ehe... )
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