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War of the Worlds in Plucker format

I caught an early preview of War of the Worlds last night in New York City at Loews in Times Square, and decided to kick of the weekend early for everyone else by making a custom conversion of the original H.G. Wells story to Plucker format for everyone to read.
An early science fiction novel, The War of the Worlds (1898), by H.G. Wells, describes the fictional turn of the twentieth century invasion of Earth by aliens, from Mars, who use laser/maser-like Heat-Rays, chemical weapons (the Black Smoke), and mechanical three-legged "fighting machines" that could potentially be viewed as precursors to the tank. After defeating the resistance the Martians devastate much of eastern England, including London, before being unexpectedly killed by terrestrial diseases, to which they have no immunity.

The book has been viewed as an indictment of European colonial actions in Africa, Asia, Australasia, and the Americas. Justification of the conquest of non-European peoples was usually along the lines of might-makes-right; i.e., the Europeans had vastly superior technology and so must be naturally superior people and so are perfectly justified in taking the lands for themselves. This argument gets flipped on its head with the arrival of comparatively technologically superior Martians who, according to the colonizers' own arguments, must therefore have every right to subjugate Europeans.

Wells seems to have taken great pleasure in the fictional devastation of locations where he had spent an unhappy childhood. The book has been adapted as a famous radio drama, as a movie, and as a bestselling concept album, all of which have played some part in maintaining the public's interest in the original novel.

The majority of the action takes place in the countryside of late 19th century southeast England. The narrator's hometown, Woking, is one of the many towns mentioned that lies on the outskirts of London. Other major action occurs near Southend, where the narrator's brother and his companions gain passage on a steamboat while fleeing to mainland Europe.
If you'd like your own shiny copy, feel free to vist the Plucker War of the Worlds page and download your very own.

If you find this useful, please consider donating to the Plucker project to keep quality works like this coming out.

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