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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Do you have access to a computer with an RS-232 serial port?
I certainly have one, but, I'd prefer the USB serial adapter, of course. I found one at - and I suppose it's good enough?

Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Either way, you need the special connector for a Kindle 3. I plan to make one using simple easily obtainable ingredients, such as thin plastic (old credit card or CD cover), aluminum foil (or copper foil). I will do one method for soldering, and another that uses conductive paint from an auto parts store (for repairing a rear window defogger/defroster). I will document this (with photos and video). The non-soldering method is needed because many people said they did not want to solder. Conductive paint is somewhat expensive, but it will last a long time when used as a solder replacement.
I can solder, of course. Your idea seems cool, and the easily obtainable ingredients are certainly easily available unlike several other cases..

When do you plan on finishing the documentations?

Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Where are you located (I will have extra prototypes)?
If you could provide me the special connector for K3 ALONG with the USB serial cable, I'd be delighted. On the other hand, if you can't provide both of them, and your "simple-to-make" method works, I'd rather not pay for two shippings and would make the connector myself (and order the serial cable from digikey).

I live in India. New Delhi. Would be happy to provide all information via PM if wanted.

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