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Originally Posted by robyshot View Post
this is how i'd like the 3rd page to be (just an idea)
App drawer with static pages instead of scrolling like the stock one seems like a good idea. I didn't even know the stock app drawer existed until yesterday, but I'm putting "better app drawer" on the list

Originally Posted by nrapallo View Post
Looks very promising.... Keep up the great work!

Initial requests:
- Time/Date stamp of last activity on home screen (at bottom) or clock in notification bar (if possible)

- batt. life in % on home screen (at bottom) or % in notification bar (if possible) (a favourite of mine!)

- clear last book read from listing (for privacy concerns)

- separate collections buttons; one for "internal memory" and another "on sd card".
Was thinking more about a "copy collections from the sd card to the internal memory" button and vice-versa?
Pretty sure sure the notification bar is outside the scope of the home screen, but the bottom should be possible. Should be user configurable.

Some kind of "Collections Manager" app perhaps? Not really part of the home screen, but I like the concept. I've had problems with accidentally opening a book myself, and then having to open my "real" last read books in order to get it neat like I want it.

Originally Posted by soseono View Post
Like this idea, too!

Morkl, can I change the button links to something else? I might like my local library website link there.

And does the "press Menu on the Home to see clock on the status bar" tip work here as well?
Yep, the custom buttons are all configurable. Check out the allapps.xml and extapps.xml files in the homemod folder; extapps.xml contains definitions of custom apps and allapps.xml is used to determine where to place what.
I'm thinking of redoing allapps.xml into a more understandable way (and configurable, e.g. allowing custom categories on the second screen) in the future; it is currently just a replacement for a string array in the stock version.

Do you have a link for the clock on status bar thing?

Originally Posted by treadlightly View Post
Thanks for sharing this. I will probably wait until the update with the first feature enhancement that you list since that is how I open a book, either searching in "Books" or opening a book from a collection. I'm not sure if it is possible, but handy for me would be a shortcut to a particular collection - either "last collection read" or (less desirably) a hardcoded tag name that I move around in Calibre. That would make it easier to open the next book from the series I'm currently reading without having to browse alphabetically for the collection, which I find tedious.
Great idea!

Originally Posted by vishcompany View Post
Thanks once more for your work, Morkl! This is getting better by the day...

A few questions:
  • If I am running v2 at the moment, do I have to run the undo package (I was going to ask for this) or is it safe to just upgrade to v3 via apk installer?
  • Is it possible to define the custom apps on homescreen/apps schreen on a user basis, or is some digging involved to do so?

As you asked for further requests, I place a few features of PRS+, which I like best (I am aware, that his involves much more, than modifying the home app, but who knows...)
  • clock on homescreen
  • clock shown while reading (is it possible to show the top bar while reading, so the clock could be placed there?)
  • change fonts (also using external fonts). There is already a thread about this, as you surely have noticed
  • Integration of the hidden app launcher.
Thanks for pointing me to the fonts thread; I'll do some digging in the Reader app and see if i can come up with something.

Forgot to answer the questions:
It should be safe to install v3 or higher with v2 installed. Since it has a new package name, V3 is basically just an ordinary app, as far as the system is concerned.
The home/app screen apps can be configured by editing the XML files provided in the homemod folder in v3/higher. The homemod folder is goes in the root of the internal storage.

Originally Posted by robyshot View Post

to view that launcher you just need to edit a file

see the wiki

I have removed the check for, so the stock app drawer is always enabled without having to meddle with system files.


I'll start looking at implementing the other points when I get home from work.

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