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Originally Posted by Booxtor View Post
Do you, guys, have some additional suggestions?
Yes what I really would love to see is a shortcut to the dictionary tool when reading a book.

The current approach of clicking the main menu, selecting the dictionary tool and then clicking on a word has a few drawbacks:

a) it's rather slow.
b) you have to do a manual screen refresh or the text that underneath the main menu window will barely be visible when you select the word to look up.
c) if the word is at the bottom of the page, it'll be hidden by the dictionary window, and it can be selected easily.

When you read a book and you are in the default operation mode (ie. you have not selected a tool from the main menu) the stylus is only used to change pages.

So here's my suggestion: when you're in the default mode clicking on a word with the stylus and holding it in for 2-3 seconds should launch the dictionary tool and look up the word you selected. You could still change pages with the stylus by tapping the sides of the screen where there are no words.

I don't think this would be very hard to implement, and in my opinion it would really improve the dictionary experience.

Thanks for forwarding our suggestions Booxtor!
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