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Originally Posted by Laridae View Post
Since this is an Android device I'd like to see better integration and synching with Google apps such as the Contacts in GMail. You don't need to re-invent the wheel with your own contacts and people, especially since they won't even import contacts from GMail!

I'd also like to see Less reliance and connectivity with Twitter and especially Facebook. Some people may Choose to use Facebook, fine, they take their chances with privacy concerns, etc. But all roads from Kobo should not lead to Facebook by default. This is not a Facebook device, is it? Or are they paying you a lot for this? In that case your independence has been compromised!

I have my Gmail syncing with my Vox email client. In doing so, it brought over my contacts and calendar entries. My complaint with that now is that whenever I type, the auto suggest brings up people in my address book. Don't type their names much. What I would like is to import a dictionary. Anyone know how to do that?

As for Facebook... you don't have to integrate with it. My Mother-in-law got a Vox for Christmas. She doesn't have a FB account, so I just skipped over it for her. No problems.
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