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Lightbulb Modified Sony home screen (and other Sony apps)

This started as a post in the Your Rooted PRS-T1 (Screen shots and observations) thread but grew into a hobby project of mine rather quickly, so I'm breaking it out to avoid cluttering the thread.

I'm working on customizing the PRS-T1 in a different way than the SonyPrsT1Home project; instead of creating a new home screen I'm modifying the stock one (also: other stock Sony apps). Why? Because I like the look and layout of the stock home screen and it's a great way for me to pick up some Android and Dalvik knowledge.

If you miss a certain feature on the PRS-T1, don't hesitate to say so!

Latest version (Home and Reader) as of this writing: 2012-01-22

Main features
  • Home screen
  • Recently Added instead of Recently Read (will be made optional when I get around to do it)
  • Custom apps can be set on all buttons
  • Stock launcher page activated
  • Reader
  • Bold/italics bug fixed
  • Custom fonts in the font selector
  • Custom font sizes in the font selector
  • Custom CSS
  • Customizable number of page turns between screen refreshes

NOTE 2012-01-20:
New releases are uploaded here, code is posted here. I'll keep posting updates in this thread, but this post may not always be up to date.

Old first post, saved for historical reasons:

  • v6
  • Apps page categories appear in the same order as the config
  • Broadcasts intent for screensaver update on book launch
  • Reload configuration by pressing back button
  • v5
  • Favourite apps above 3rd page app drawer. Still using the the stock scrolling component for the rest of the apps.
  • Custom configurable categories on the app screen
  • New configuration file with better structure
  • v4:
  • Stock app drawer enabled by default; no need to meddle with system files
  • v3:
  • Updates last read time when launching book from home screen no matter what reader is used
  • Custom apps can be added to home screen and apps screen
  • Installs as a normal apk
  • v2:
  • Sorts "Recently Read" books by last read time by itself, no need for books.db hack
  • v1:
  • "Recently added" string changed to "Recently read" (relies on books.db hack to get the order right)

V1 and v2 are installed the same way as the root packages, with flash_reader.bat and whatnot. >=V3 is installed like a normal APK.
Don't install V1 or V2 on an unrooted device - it breaks things!

Restore original home screen:

Modified Reader app, with bold/italics working with the font selector: - crashes when opening more->settings, new package coming soon

  • Updating the last read time when launching a book (in another reader than Sonys own) currently only works from the home screen, not from the Books or Collections screens. That ought to be fixed.
  • Clock, battery indicator
  • "Open Last Collection" button
  • Better app drawer, possibly like this (todo: make static instead of scrolly)
  • Last read book's cover as screen saver when using non-stock reader works when launching book from home screen or modified reader/content manager
  • Make "Recently read" an option, some prefer the "Recently added" mode
  • Documentation
  • Does anyone else have any requests, irks or other ideas about how to make the stock home screen better?

Not quite home screen but should be done anyway:

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