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Originally Posted by yifanlu View Post

The update tool is done. Can extract/create Kindle 4.0 and 5.0 packages along with other things. Very buggy on Windows though, may have to recode for windows. For now, if you are on windows, install cygwin (with packages zlib and openssl) and run the tool from cygwin shell.
Hi YifanLu, thanks for the Jailbreak! I'm enjoying playing around with this, have put an anti-theft notice on my USB Mode screen and some custom screensavers already. Looking forward to making the most of this.

Some questions though, if you'd be so kind:
1) When attempting to use the Linux version of your packager, I get the following dependency error:
"./kindletool: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
..How do I install all the required dependencies? I'm running Ubuntu Oneiric.
Also, I saw some of the usage notes in the original jailbreak; how do the versioning arguments work? Must I put in the current version and make up a "new" version to convince the Kindle to accept the update? What will this do to future updates, will the Kindle think it's already "future-proof"? (I actually don't want official updates, I'm quite happy with what I have right now..)

2) How might I go about installing sftp? I saw you linking to the binary, but how do I set that up to run the sftp server? Or, is it enough to have ssh-server running, and the Kindle will invoke the sftp binary when required? Should I put it in /bin/ or /usr/bin/ or somewhere else entirely?

3) Where should I look for stuff to modify the html/javascript interfaces, if I wanted to add my own html/js "program" somewhere like the "Experimental" list?

Thanks again, sorry for the questions. I'm learning a lot about linux's structure through exploring the Kindle, and I'm looking forward to some fun projects!
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