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Cross Canada Internet connection from Laptop

I am going to be traveling across the country (Canada) by car for ten days and I need to have access to my web site/client/vendor management tools and my email accounts. I need a wireless connection because we will be camping and do not want to stay in hotels. I don't have a wireless card installed yet but I will be getting one (Any recommendations?)

Now how would I get across the country and be able to connect to the Internet at anytime?

I have thought about a mobile phone that acts as a modem and plugs into my laptop but then I would probably need to use a different local access dial up number each night and from what I can tell there are no ISPs that are country wide. Even Sympatico does not have any access points in Saskatchewan, only one in Alberta, and one in BC. On top of that I am sure there are numerous areas where the phone will not work.

I have also thought about using a "D-Link" product but I have no idea if this is feasible or if there are places all across the country where I can use this. I would need to get a list of these places and plan my trip according to where they are. Can I get a country wide account to a wireless service provider so that I can connect from wherever I am?

Any information you could provide would be helpful.
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