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KOBO Vox Issues

Hi all long time lurker, first time poster

I want to say this forum has been an excellent source of information that has been able to solve some of the issues I am having with my Vox.

However, I just want to share my issues with y'all and see if anyone else is having the same sort of problems. Maybe find a solution that my google-fu has missed.

In no particular order;

1- It does not remember any settings that I put in place. I always have to manually turn on the wifi, change my orientation settings, bookmarks are lost etc etc every time it is powered down.

2- It doesn't remember any changes to the library. I made a mistake importing books and made some duplicate copies. I have tried to erase them and initially they go. However upon power up they reappear clogging up the library. It also does not save a book I bought from the Kobo store, rather it deletes it each power down so i have to re-download it time I start up.

3- When I read that particular book that I have to re-download the ereader stays on until it I turn it off or the battery runs out. It never goes into sleep mode once I start reading that book (IE I place the book down for 20 mins and come back and it is still on).

4-I was testing out the USB storage and moved some files from my laptop over to the Vox. I then later deleted them but they continue to show up.

5- It randomly asks me to re-set-up itself up during usage. Thinking it might solve my problems the first few times I attempted to go through the process. It goes to step 4/5 and then nothing happens. I have to do a forced shut down to get the reader working again.

5- I have tried to do a factory reset via the menu and while the ereader restarts, it doesn't reset anything. I have also done the factory reset using the vol + and when it starts up it tells me something went wrong and to turn it off and try again. I have even disconnected the battery and reconnected it as a last resort. Nothing resets my Vox.

6- The battery doesn't last very long even when I turn down the brightness and turn off the Wifi.

7- Initially I had no problems moving books around with caliber but now Caliber doesn't recognize the device or when it does and I move books over they never show up when I try to import them on my library.

Basically the main issue is the fact that every time I power down it reverts back to another point in time for all settings. Nothing I have done has allowed me to get past this issue.

I have already sent an email to Kobo and am just waiting for a reply.
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